The Perfect Build Part 3: Continuous Integration with and NANT for Visual Studio Projects

22. October 2009 05:31 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
A couple months after migrating to subversion, we took another significant step to improve our build process by setting up a continuous integration server using and NANT. As explained in the previous post in this blog series, our new SVN repository structure supported a clear separ... [More]

Implementing custom Membership Provider and Role Provider for Authenticating ASP.NET MVC Applications

14. October 2009 06:58 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
The .NET framework provides a provider model that allows developers to implement common user management and authentication functionality in ASP.NET applications. Out of the box, the framework ships with a few providers that allow you to easily wire up a user management system with very little to zer... [More]

The Perfect Build Part 2: Version Control

10. October 2009 20:43 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Over a year ago, my team was using Visual Source Safe (VSS) for version control. I’m not going to spend time discussing why we wanted to migrate away from VSS. The reasons should be obvious to anyone who has worked with VSS and especially to those who have worked with both VSS and another sour... [More]

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