Released: RequestReduce 1.3 Now Runs on .net 3.5 and a Preview of Support for Third Party Javascripts in your Minification and Merge Process

24. October 2011 22:44 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
Welcome .net 3.5 Users! Earlier (MUCH earlier) this morning I released version 1.3 of RequestReduce. While not as exciting as the previous javascript crunching and merging release, I am very happy that a broader base of users will now have access to this resource. It can now be installed on any ser... [More]

Released: RequestReduce 1.2 with Javascript merge and minify

16. October 2011 10:15 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
With this week’s release of RequestReduce 1.2, RequestReduce is even more effective in reducing the HTTP requests made by a browser when visiting your website. Most significantly, this release adds the minification and merging of external javascript resources. A big thanks goes to Matt Manela ... [More]

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