Track Nuget Downloads using OData, RSS and

28. November 2011 11:24 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
In this post I am going to show you how you can be notified of new downloads of any Nuget package via email from a service that will poll Nuget every 15 minutes. If email sounds overly intrusive, there are other options. So If this sounds interesting, read on. If you have open source projects hoste... [More]

Adding CSS Inheritance Resolution to RequestReduce Sprite Generation Process

20. November 2011 18:43 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
UPDATE: This functionality was released on 1/9/12 in v1.7.0. Currently RequestReduce is unable to sprite alot of background images because of its limitation of treating each css class as an atomic unit. Inheritable dimensions and padding is lost which either makes an image unspritable by RequestRed... [More]

Installing an HttpModule via Dropping in the bin without Editing Web.config

13. November 2011 05:40 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Last week another team wanted to use an HttpModule I had written. The problem is that they had no access to the hosting platform of their content. Their DLLs are consumed via MEF by a rather large infrastructure affectionately known as MTPS or what the world knows as the MSDN Library. Unfortunately... [More]

Released RequestReduce 1.5 Supporting Custom Minifiers and a Critical Performance Fix for v1.4

11. November 2011 13:07 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
I just released RequestReduce v1.5 on Nuget and on If you are currently on v1.4, you will definitely want to upgrade to this new version. There was a misconfiguration in v1.4 causing a Regex to recompile on every call. The impact will vary depending on the number of sc... [More]

Microsoft’s MSDN and Technet Forums and Search adopt RequestReduce for Web Performance Optimization

6. November 2011 12:40 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
This week RequestReduce was launched on Microsoft’s MSDN and Technet web sites specifically with the Forums and Search applications. So if you ever land on a Forums page within these sites or conduct a search within the MSDN or Technet environment, RequestReduce is crunching and merging the CS... [More]

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