Released AutoWrockTestable: Making test class composition easier

16. May 2012 08:54 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Late last year I blogged about a unit testing pattern I have been using for the past couple years. It’s a pattern that I initially learned from Matt Manela (@mmanela). I adapted the pattern to use Automocking with Richard Cirerol’s wrapper. Over the last week I have been working to plug this in to V... [More]

Turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security

9. May 2012 01:29 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
If you enjoy lots of dialog boxes that require you to take action before you can review any unique URL, then you will not want to use this: $AdminKey = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\` {A509B1A7-37EF-4b3f-8CFC-4F3A74704073}"$UserKey = "HKLM:\SOFTWAR... [More]

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