Released: RequestReduce 1.3 Now Runs on .net 3.5 and a Preview of Support for Third Party Javascripts in your Minification and Merge Process

24. October 2011 22:44 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
Welcome .net 3.5 Users! Earlier (MUCH earlier) this morning I released version 1.3 of RequestReduce. While not as exciting as the previous javascript crunching and merging release, I am very happy that a broader base of users will now have access to this resource. It can now be installed on any ser... [More]

Released: RequestReduce 1.2 with Javascript merge and minify

16. October 2011 10:15 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
With this week’s release of RequestReduce 1.2, RequestReduce is even more effective in reducing the HTTP requests made by a browser when visiting your website. Most significantly, this release adds the minification and merging of external javascript resources. A big thanks goes to Matt Manela ... [More]

nQuant Reduces The Visual Studio Gallery and MSDN Code Samples page size down by 10%

30. September 2011 09:21 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Today the Microsoft Galleries team where I work and which supports the Visual Studio extensions gallery and the MSDN Code Samples gallery, among many others, began quantizing its sprited images with nQuant and has realized a 10% reduction in page size.           ... [More] makes 40% improvement in page load performance using RequestReduce

22. September 2011 14:43 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
This week I worked with Phil Jones (@philjones88) of to get RequestReduce up and running on his web site hosted on AppHarbor. There was a couple issues specific to AppHarbor’s configuration that prevented RequestReduce’s default configuration from working. Its actually a fairly typical s... [More]

RequestReduce now fully compatible with AppHarbor and Medium Trust hosting environments.

21. September 2011 12:57 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
Now even more sites can take advantage of automatic CSS merging and minification as well as image spriting and color optimization with no code changes or directory structure conventions. This week I rolled out two key features which add compatibility to RequestReduce’s core functionality and ... [More]

Resolving InvalidCastException when two different versions of Structuremap are loaded in the same appdomain

19. September 2011 09:11 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Last week I was integrating my automatic css merge, minify and sprite utility, RequestReduce, into the MSDN Forums and search applications. Any time you have the opportunity to integrate a component into a new app, there are often new edge cases to explore and therefore new bugs to surface since no ... [More]

Adopt RequestReduce and see immediate Yslow and Google Page Speed score improvements not to mention a faster site!

10. September 2011 22:08 by Matt Wrock in RequestReduce  //  Tags:   //   Comments
Since March I have been working in my “free” time on a framework to reduce the number and size of HTTP requests incurred from loading a web page. In short it merges and minifies css and javascript on your page and automatically sprites and optimizes css background images. All this is don... [More]

Latch waits on 2:1:103? You are probably creating too many temp tables in Sql Server

10. September 2011 08:48 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Last week my team pushed our monthly release and all looked well and good after the launch. Then at about 10PM our site monitoring alerts started to fire as our page load times soared and this continued until early morning. There were no unusual errors in our logs and our traffic load was normal. Wh... [More]

Released: nQuant .net 8 bit PNG Quantizer

7. September 2011 15:22 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Last weekend I blogged about the quantization algorithm I had been working on in order optimize images in my Auto CSS minification and spriting framework RequestReduce. Yesterday, I released this code as its own project on While this quantizer provides great value for users of R... [More]

Convert 32 bit PNGs to high quality 8 bit PNGs with C#

5. September 2011 15:06 by Matt Wrock in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
I’ve been working on a C# HTTPModule called RequestReduce that sprites CSS background images on the fly as well as merges and Minifes all CSS resources in the document head. For those who may not know, image spriting is a technique that takes individual images in separate image files and merges them... [More]

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