Memory Footprint Comparison of .net IDEs

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I got a Amazon gift  certificate a couple weeks ago as a birthday present and decided to get a Asus Netbook (Thanks Mom and Dad!!) So far I really like it. It has 2GB of ram, and a Duo Core Atom Processor. Its very lite and small enough to lug around comfortably but not so small that it is unusable. I also figured out that I can tether with my Samsung Focus phone which is very cool when I don’t have WiFi.

While I do not intend for this device to become my primary at home coding station, I at least want to be capable of doing light coding on it at the times and places of my choosing. (US Military leaders seem to like that phrase and I admit that I am rather attracted to the feeling of free will, self determination and “screw you its all about me” ethos that the phrase exudes).  Oh yeah, I was talking about my new netbook.

So I installed both SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop because both appeared to be strong light weight contenders against VS but still seemed to be full fledged IDEs and not just a snippet or one off file compiler. I have not done any significant coding yet on either beyond loading my OSS project that I have been working on and successfully building it.

What is interesting is the Ram footprint of each IDE:

  • Visual Studio Ultimate on my laptop with Resharper: >300M
  • SharpDevelop: ~90M
  • MonoDevelop: ~30M

I would really like to port my project to an Apache Module one day so unless there is a compelling reason to switch, I’m sticking with MonoDevelop for now.

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